The Rules

The Draft

Each team starts with $200 to bid on a player.

Each team must fill a roster of 8 players and must keep enough units to fill out their roster. So, for example, if you need 3 players and have 52 units left the max bid you can make on a player is 50.

Bidding: A random order will be drawn for nominating players to be bid on. You may NOT pass your turn to throw out a name. Once a player is thrown out for bidding the auction starts, and he'll go to the highest bidder after a call of going once, going twice, sold.


Finish Points
Cash 1

*All Points 0.5x in events with less than a 1k buy-in

*All Points are worth double in events with a 10k buy-in or higher

*All Points are worth 1.5x in events with a 5k buy-in

*The Main Event is worth 3x points.

*An additional point per 100 entries is awarded to players who finish in the top 18. No rounding off. An event with 87 players gets no point bonus, a 105 player field gets a 1 point bonus, a 265 player field gets a 2 point bonus, and a 1451 player field would award a 14 point bonus to all players in top 18.

*Events with a buy-in of less than 1k will have the field size bonus capped at 9 tables and the field size bonus is capped at 100 points.

*For every 1000 players 9 more players get the field bonus.

*In order to receive points, a player must cash.

*In a heads up or shootout event, players finishing in the same position would split the points for that spot. For example, 5th through 8th would get 22.5 points (plus field size bonuses) and be rounded up.

*The main event will count, but points will be awarded to any players making the final 9 based on chip count. So if your player sits in 6th place you'll get 6th place points for his result.

*Points will only be awarded in open events, no Seniors, Ladies, or Employee events will count.

An example

*This example is based on the $10,000 Omaha 8 Event

Entrants: 312
Buyin: $10,000

A player finishes 5th
5th is worth 30 points
312 entrants means 3 extra points
Total: 30 points
10k Bonus = 2x
Total: 60 points.
Field Bonus + Total = 63 points.
Total: 63 points


Buy-in: $25,000
Entrants: 11
Prize Pool: $275,000

1st: $180,000
2nd: $65,000
3rd: $30,000